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Message problem


I am using  nokia 6 and  biggest problem is that i  am not received Text Message  that 100 message out of 50 message I was received and  i am unable to use banking service please  solve this problem 

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Is any1 looking into this issue? Do any1 has any ans?
Same problem. Not every massage of banking is received.

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Are you on Android 7.1.2?

It used to exist on 7.1.2, but so far, I see it is working fine on Android 8.0 Beta.

@thelinuxfan I don't think Nokia 6 got Android 8 Beta in India yet.

@user1515676437581 : It has rolled out in India. Many Indian users have got it.

Ofcourse Oreo beta is available for Nokia 6 in India. Please update it to Oreo beta you won't face such issue again.
Hi even I am missing most of the text messages in my Nokia 6.. not able to receive any OTP... Can someone provide what needs to be done??
Is there still not a fix for this my phone is not receiving texts either and hasn't been for 3 weeks. It's really frustrating.
I thought it's a network issues so let it be. But yesterday I had conversation with my team staff she said she send me TXT already. Literally she showed me in her phone and I haven't received yet then I check with some other people. Same they did TXT me but nothing received. I can say 10-15 message es I received on daily basis it's drastically droped I try to rest my bank password but no OTP. No salary message, no credit card transactions alert. It's shame on Nokia I am not understand if it is bug then why other handset not facing this problem. Dear Nokia you come back and we just happyly support your re lunch not because to see this day..
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