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My phone do not boot after oreo update

I can't start system since I clicked reboot to apply update of Oreo. the phone always stuck on NOKIA white LOGO on black screen (boot screen) and only thing i can do is to press power + volume up but it makes phone reset and try boot again, but result is the same all the time. My phone seems to be useless - how can i fix it?

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Sounds like Bootloop issue ? I'm former Nexus owner , my phone dead because of Boot loop issue , to my knowledge most of the Nexus phones and LG having this boot loop issue , as per Google and LG it is software issue and spoil hardware too. No idea about Nokia 8 , don't try anything from your end , contact Nokia support , make sure you have valid invoice /proof of purchase and no external damage. Nokia can able to address this issue , all the best.

The term "bootloop" sounds like the phone is restarting while trying to boot (that is not happening in my case - it rather seems to be infinite boot process) anyway i had to send it to the seller as they gave me receipt without IMEI number and authorized service do not accept such proof of purchase. I know i should not try anything what is not described officially on NOKIA site or instructions got from support, to not lose warranty :)

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