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Separate rintone and notification volume

It would be nice to have separate volumes, cause some times ringtone is louder than notification, in this cases i'd like to down the ringtone volume and rise notification one.

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The issue affects other models also.

Yeah, since it's running stock Android, this is really a feature you'd have to ask Google for.

This is a good idea. Please Nokia...

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They don't need to ask Google for this change, if they want, they can and it would be a very good implementation.

They *could*, but customisation is clearly not their plan for this range of phones, and for me that was the main selling point -- I *want* a stock Android phone, and since I don't rate the Motorola ones since Google sold them, I'm delighted I don't have to pay Pixel prices for that experience any more. As soon as OEMs start customising anything, you get slower security updates, and more bugs. Getting things implemented and fixed upstream is a much better model for everyone.

I prefer Android stock too, but i'm not talking customization, i'm talking about a Config option that i'm sure they can aply without problems.

I tried Volume Control app, but it doesn´t work. When rise the notification volume, it rise the ringtone too.

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