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Nokia 8 Dxomark score

DXOmark released the camera score for Nokia 8 and it is 68. Do you all agree with this. Personally I experienced better imaging with Nokia 8 compared to my old Galaxy s6 which is having a higher score. Is it a coincidence that the score just surfaced before Nokia 9 launch

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It doesn't reflect my experience with the camera. Sure it has some problems with details and it's not the best camera out there, but the slow focus has been partially solved in the latest updates and the other problems are most likely software. Still it gets very good pictures. I can't tell about videos because I am not interested in taking videos usually.
I am usually getting good pictures. But I have problems with slow focus. It's really bad Nokia didnt look into this. Now the news of this Dxo score is like a wild fire in the net and be sure that the competitors will make good use of that. This is gonna affect their next flagship too. Too late Nokia!!
I think Nokia can able to fix this issue with software update , because 835 chipset is best in class ,but Zeiss and Nokia unable to make good camera.
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