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Hello everyone i'm a random guy who was thinking about nokia phones. What else they can try on their phone. So about having a symbian-android OS on nokia phones. Does it sound interesting?

No, It sounds weird, lol

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Point mentioned / suggested seems good but it is upto the developer to look into the possibility of the features and on the working of the same. OREO os has been giving a lot of problems on the handset
Hi, Let's take a deeper look on this. What is an operating system here? Just like a communicator between the hardware and the software, short enough? There's no need to install 2 OS in a handset to do the same job, or it is just simply impossible at the current time. If all you want is your Nokia 5 can install both symbian and android apps, it's a different story. That sounds similar to Blackberry case when they allow users to run android apps on their BB handset. It is very much like you install a virtual machine in your device to run other platform apps. However, this kind of app installer is unstable and limited, most complex apps cant run properly. In fact, BB has failed to convince their customers to stay with their OS while enjoying android apps, as you've already known. And I, as a customer, don't want this kind of feature since it takes time, a lot of time to bring never-stable mixed OS, stay pure please ;)

Sooo confused onto what you were saying, but i would like to have an option to get a Symbian Belle Skin On top of android, or even Meego UI on top of the Nokias, but everyone just wants Stock Android.

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Is there any new OS for Nokia's entry-level phones ? I recently read about new Nokia 3310 4G, which runs on 'YunOS' . Nokia entry-levels phone usually works on Symbian series OS. YunOS sounds something new. Is it developed by Nokia itself for their entry phones ? Please do comment below if you have ideas about this new OS. Thank you. Source 1 2 3

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Hmm, I don't know what the OP means by Symbian-Android.

Symbian was originally the name for the core OS, much like Linux is for Android. Do you mean running Android userland on Symbian OS?

There were originally many userlands (GUIs) for Symbian, one was Nokia's S60 and this eventually became the default. The two were merged and just known as Symbian.

Do you mean S60 UI (or the latest version, Nokia Belle) for Android?

Note that the last Symbian phone was the Nokia 808 in 2013, there have been no Symbian phones since. All the low-cost Nokia phones used a UI that looked like S60 but was actually S30 or S30+ I think.

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