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Oreo stable sRGB doesn't stay on

Title says it's all. sRGB reverts back in /developer settings. I've seen the other post here about Nokia 5 having same issue on Oreo beta build. Looks like a bug migrated to a stable build. Would be nice to have quick fix with the upcoming security patch.

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This is switch is enabled by default in AOSP where OEMs take Android source code from, but unless they add implementantion for it, it doesn't do anything (you can notice that switching it on Nokia 8 does nothing). 

Once Nokia engineers will be aware of it, they will most likely remove the switch instead of adding implementantion if you ask me.

Same is the case with OEM Unlock switch (it's there, but it does nothing).

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I guess we're talking about 8.1 here as it adds support for color management. I don't see any reasons for removing sRGB switch except Nokia engineers forgot to implement it/or a bug. Anyway:

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Save issue in my 7+ on Oreo 8.1

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