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Hi , Im using Nokia 6 and i know that it supports VoLTE however when i checked it on the settings under networks the option is not there , i tried dialing *#*#4636#*#* but the VoLTE provision flag wont turn on , my carrier supports VoLTE , any solution for this issue?

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Tech Wizard

The  mobile operator/carrier must approve the specific phone model for VoLTE, and it is up to the carrier to provide an update to the phone for VoLTE to work.

Your carrier probably have a website with a list of the phones they support for VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling?

I'm still waiting for Telenor DK to enable VoLTE on my TA-1021 Nokia 6.


Yesterday I got 8.1 update for ta 1000 but still facing this volte issue any one cracked this problem?? Kindly help on this
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