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Dolby Atmos nokia 6

In beta didn't have dolby Atmos so stable version will get or what.

The final release will have it,

So when will i get final Oreo approximately pls if you know share with us thank you.
Oreo stable get soon but there is one issue in storage cache clear is not there so mobile wil heng fast so now what to do and how to clear the cache.
Dolby Atmos on Oreo is very horrible. Sound is not clear and very loud with lots of distortion
I am using nokia 6 TA 1021 from bombay and i cant find any issues in sound and they'll heve give Oreo with Dolby Atmos otherwise in sound get more problems then also are finding some issues in sound then backup and resat your phone ones or go to the nokia centre. I'll find only upcoming issue in storage clear cache is not there so every one have to clear the cache in single single apps otherwise most probably coming isuse in phone will heng %.
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