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Non Compatibility

My sister wanted to give me a Samsung phone for Xmas but I told her I prefer Nokia as I feel Nokia phones are the easiest to master..
Virtually nothing works. My old Nokia phone is not compatible with this Nokia 2 Android. I can not transfer my messages, my address book entries, my notes. The file format is unreadable. And everything is difficult to find.
I see that HMD Global now owns Nokia so I ask HMD Global to release/develop an app (or whatever is needed) to allow owners of their android phones to transfer data easily from symbian phones without extra cost and in an easy manner. Thank you.

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Tech Wizard


It would be helpful if you can mention the Nokia Symbian Phone mode and Version.

Try the below -
1. Use Nokia Suite Software 3.8.54 on your PC and Sync your phone contacts, messages.
2. Later you can export the messages as CSV format.

3. Import Contacts to Google mail / Gmail account. For the messages, save the file on Nokia phone and try to import it via messages application.

For the Notes Feature, It is better to copy and paste them onto a notepad file.
It is also synced via Nokia Suite. and it will open if you have Microsoft Outlook > Notes section.
Later copy and paste it to Google Notes / One Note / preferred notes application.

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