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Camera and Charger Sounds

Tech Wizard

Camera shutter sound / USB connection sounds / Charging cable connection sounds -

This is a FAQ ! There is a article in FAQ -

          " says - this is likely due to the privacy regulations in your country. "
However, All other mobile manufactures have the ability to mute the camera shutter sound. Using 3rd party application does fix this, but many users prefer to use the default applications. 


The shutter beep sound is not the major issue, Taking a screenshot / camera snap while listening to music activates the speakers and starts blasting music through both Headphones and Loudspeaker !  It is pretty embarrassing in public !

Also, since it is STOCK OS. there is no option to mute sounds on connecting USB / Charger / Start up tune / Screenshot.   The USB connection doesn't respond after a few minutes at times and the sound is again annoying. - ( )

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Tech Wizard

Still NO Change in this 

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