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Nokia 3310 3G mobile Java (aka J2ME or MIDlet) games support vs 2G model poor Java compatibility -- is there any improvement?

Hello everyone!

I've got a Nokia 3310 2G and its mobile Java support is just awful. There are constant slowdowns, and sometimes even "out of memory" errors.

Since the OS has been changed from "Nokia Series 30+" (the 2G model) to "Feature OS Java powered" (the 3G model), is there any improvement?

Also, here is a good mobile Java benchmark called JBenchmark2 (archived link), if someone could run this on the 3G model, please, and post the results, that would be awesome! We could than compare it to other phones... 


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Wow, this is a great idea!

I'm very interested in the 3310 3G because the OS supports Java. As far as I know Series 30+ doesn't support Java apps at all, they only supports .vxp apps. When the 220 and 225 were released I didn't know what Microsoft was thinking - ditching S40 for the super dumb S30+ was a bad move.

Unfortunately, the 3310 3G is not available in my country, so I can't help you with this...

@volk The 2G version theoretically supports Java too (you can install JAR files using Opera onto your SD card), but as I have mentioned in my first post, you definitely can't use it for gaming due to various issues, so the .vxp apps are the way to go with the Nokia 3310 2G.

This guy at Stack Overflow was able to run a few J2ME apps on the Nokia 3G, but let's see how well it will do with games. Has anyone already tried the Java benchmark from my first post?

by the way, were you able to run games like DoomRPG on the 2G version of Nokia3310?

@blueagent1999 I was able to run Orcs & Elves (which uses a similar engine) on the Nokia 3310 2G, it worked, but it was too slow to enjoy it. 

Okay, I have found more JBenchmark tests (link), so we would be able to test the Nokia 3310 3G's Java capabilities even more thoroughly.

JBenchmark -- tests MIDP 1.0

JBenchmark2 (which I have already mentioned in my original post) -- tests MIDP 2.0

JBenchmark3D -- tests 3D capabilities

JBenchmarkHD -- tests 3D acceleration (I don't think it would work, but we can try)

So, do we have any volunteers for running these benchmarks and posting the scores here? You could really help the community this way, please consider this!

 I have only just got my Nokia 3310 3G and my J2ME MIDP1 app seems to work by blue-toothing the jar file. I will be doing a lot more testing and will update when I can. Cheers,

                                                         Terry O'K.

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