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Should Nokia 3 use full version of Android Oreo 8.0 or the newly released Android Oreo Go Edition 8.1?

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MediaTek Announces SoCs Optimized for Android Oreo Go Edition which includes MT6737 chipset but I am curious if it supports the full version of Android Oreo(8.0). 

I am in a dilemma too.There is Oreo Go Edition which is recently released and we really don't know what type of feature it contains and more importantly what type of features is cut off from the full version of Android Oreo(8.0). We also don't know if google will provide security updates to this version of OS and if it is as good as it is promised performance wise. And we are also unsure whether there will be similar OS upgrade after the Android Oreo Go Edition maybe Android P Go Edition.

Here in the other hand if Nokia decides to use Android Oreo(8.0) full version on its Nokia 3 will Nokia 3 handle that operating system well?Of course this OS ensures all the security updates and all the new features of Android Oreo but what about the performance of the phone? 

And can you guys give opinions about which OS will be better suited for Nokia 3 Android Oreo Go Edition or Android Oreo(full version)?

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