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Nokia Communicator

I've been a Nokia Communicator user since 1997 with my first Nokia 9000i.  I've owned every single iteration (and still do) up until the Nokia E7 which I adored.  Yet, as time passes on, I've found myself having to leave my Nokia E7 behind in favor of Android and more modern hardware.

I looked at the new Nokia phones, they're nice looking but I just can't seem to pull the trigger.  I've had the Samsung Note 4 previously, until I ended up breaking the screen and going back to my E7.  And I'm now looking towards the Note 8.

However, what I'd really like to see is a new Nokia Communicator with full QWERTY keyboard running Android.  I heard rumors a while back that Nokia was looking at the idea, however I've heard nothing since.  I suppose my question is two fold:  1) Is there any info on a new Communicator?  2) If not, how do you find the new Nokia 8?

Thanks for reading!

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I think there's a huge number of people who would love an Android phone with a slide out physical keyboard, like the N900/N950, me included. However, I don't know if huge is enough people to justify HMD making such a phone - I hope it is.

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Ever since the first time i have used The Nokia Communicator , i am a hard core fan of one,The boxy phone Stands unique and iconic with Flip and full qwerty keypad. 

I have used most of the communicator models like 9200,9200i till the heavy weight champion E90.

similar mobiles were available in other brands, but was not interesting.

as a user , I wish The long gone hero is back !

Nokia ! Please bring back the communicator series.

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