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Chrome crashes frequently

I am using Oreo on Nokia 8. Every few minutes I get a message that Google Chrome has stopped working. Please fix the issue

Hello RajuK, I have not experienced any crash in Chrome, but other apps. Clearing cache and stored data always worked for me. Here is how to do: Go to settings, apps & notifications, app info then Chrome. Below you'll find Storage, tap it. You will see two buttons: Manage Space and Clear Cache. First clear the cache to see if it solves your problem. If not go into manage space section by tapping the button. Be careful, this will erase all stored cookies, etc. If you are sure there is nothing to loose, clear everthing. Hope this helpes.

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I usually experience same
I seriously doubt is this instability because of Oreo update.. Software developers must look into it

Most of the times, it's because of browser cache or cookies. It can be resolved using browser history. If this is not the case then there might be several reasons for that. In that case, see this article for tips regarding your issue.

Post back if none of them is able to resolve your issue. We might figure out something.

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