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Camera App

My Nokia 8 has an amazing camera using the Google camera app but it has some issues and Nokia's own app is not that good.So I was wondering when will we see and update to the camera app especially the livefocus mode which doesn't always work on the Nokia app

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I BUYED Nokia 8 on October 14, 2017. Their bring the Nokia 8 flagship by advertising the BOTHIE CAMERA people expected the camera is fantastic and buyed. After we realize that camera lovers hate it...till today their seriously didn't work about camera department.... suppose if Nokia seriously take this issue as a challenge they send update for camera but They're mostly focusing on upcoming models and cooking OREO for remaining hand sets... It's really shame of you NOKIA because it's your prestigious first FLAGSHIP after long sleep but their from long making CAMERA UI... But we miss lot of things due to its issue.

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I hope the next big update will have a camera app update also. The Google App is a lot better but not perfect with the phone
It's True Google camera app is a port and so it has it's issues and so the best solution is for Nokia to improve their camera app.As I had the LG G6 before Nokia 8 and although both use the same sensors but LG is way better even with it's own app
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