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king of the noobs here with a stupid question

well i just bought a nokia 6 and first thing i did (dont laugh) is removing sim from the old phone to sick in the new.

 but the problem is its a normal sim not a micro (and here comes the pun)

how do i remove the ols sim card without damamging the phone or the sim?

i tried it with tweezers and it push it back furter in i can push it back out abit with that opin i got with the phone to open it

can u pllease help me here, i had to save for a long time just to able to buy the phone

That's amazing. I'm looking onto the sim tray and trying to figure out how to put full size SIM into nano-SIM slot and stash it into the phone. I need a master class :) 

Though seriously don't afraid to damage your SIM. 65% of your full size SIM is a bare plastic (btw you can cut it to nano-SIM size with scissors and polish sides with sandpaper if you don't want to have a walk to the nearest store of your cell operator. I did it, no harm). Also I doubt you will damage your phone as well. Just try thinner tweezers or continue backing it out with needle. Worst case scenario you will need to disassemble your phone, though you will need hot air gun, suction cup, pry tools and screwdrivers. There is a video on youtube how to disassemble Nokia 6.

yeah well to late for that i have to send the phone back to nokia, lets hope that its still under warrenty

that must be a new record of the world, making something u just got unusable under 5m ^^

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