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Revert from Oreo beta, can't find January update

 I've reverted my Nokia 5 from the Oreo beta, but it isn't finding the January update unlike the other non beta Nokia 5s I have which have all downloaded the January update. Is this a known issue with the one phone having been in the beta program?

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 I see that 2018-01 has been picked up by that phone today, I'm guessing this post got the attention of someone who fixed it, so thanks!

Technical moderator

Hi user1513091319723

Thanks for the update here. The backend mechanism in beta labs requires us to switch you back onto Production path first, and then the latest Security Patch applicable to your Software, Device, Region and Network can be initiated. But good to hear that all ok now.

If you would like to receive further Oreo beta builds, then we'd be delighted of course to see you back.

Hope you continue enjoying your Nokia 5 experience and thanks for taking time out to contact us.

Thanks again


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