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Major issues - Can be fixed with upgrades

Most users agree on the following top 5 issues with Nokia 8: 1. Mute usb connection sound 2. Fingerprint unlocks too slow 3. Improve camera SW 4. Upgrades packages (e.g. to android oreo) takes too much space! 5. Choose default action while long-press home button.(Google & Google assist start simultaneously)

Well, I'm pretty satisfied with the speed on the fingerprint sensor.
And I guess that 10GB for the system (my phone shows 9,9GB) gives you 55GB for all other stuff.
But you missed one topic:
6. Glance MUST be configure able. What is shown on the screen, Glance on or off during charging

from that list, only Camera SW is a REAL problem!

And for me, SD Card should be able to be configured as internal memory!!!!

There are certain things in AOSP that weren't implemented in Nokia ROM, adoptable storage is one of those things. Also color management, shedutil governer, system files are way to large in size etc. It's sad to see some level of disparity with Google devices, especially lower numbers of GPU driver revisions that being pushed with OTAs. Sadly I'm not even sure product management team are listening to requests as there are no dev community section on this forums nor bug tracker
Also screen mirroring should be enabled.
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