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Device certification

Sir after I provided my mobile to customer care for service my device certification hase been removed and now my device is uncertified and due to it i am now usble to get updates so help me out from this problem

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same problem.

Playstore certification has no effect on getting system updates to be honest. So it definitely affects some apps relying on system integrity like Android Pay, it won't work if device is uncertified. Presuming guys at the service center did not root your device it might be one of the following: 1) issues with play store cache after service; 2) you have apps installed from apk downloaded from other sources other than play store. You can force stop & disable google play service, then clear its data and cache, enable service.

dear user 1509445273356

If your device is uncertified, Google doesn’t have a record of the Android compatibility test results.

Please keep in mind that:

Uncertified devices may not be secure.Uncertified devices may not get Android system updates, or app updates.Google apps on uncertified devices aren't licensed and may not be real Google apps.Apps and features on uncertified devices may not work correctly.Data on uncertified devices may not back up securely.

it is clearly mentioned in google help

here is the link

and thanks for your comment. but there is a clear effect on system update.

and those method u have suggested above. none of those help us to certify our device. as well as to get any updates. thanks

dont take my comment as personal brother.  we all are facing problems and we want its solution. 

I had my device uncertified after reflashing it from 7.1.2 Oct patch level to factory image 7.1.1 with June patch level. Cache and data were preserved during reflashing, but it seemed cache&data saved in 7.1.2 was not backward compatible to 7.1.1 and wad causing that uncertified status. I fixed that with clearing cache and data. And my device was getting system updates in that uncertified status after reflashing to factory firmware. I have read that google help link as well. it's just blablabla. It does not list all reasons why your device fails safetynet checks.


my device is stuck with oct security patch. each time i m trying to check system update there is no update available.

where as there is 2 numbers of update available for nokia as well as oreo beta also.

i am unable to get any update after software update from service center.

my device is uncertified .

i had tried all methods (factory reset, clear data clear chase of play services, remove account thn add again etc etc)

there is no effect on my device certification.

i am not worry about my device is not certified. i am worried about i am unable to get any kind of security updates as well as oreo  beta.

if u have any kind of solution regarding this a humble request. please help me 

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