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this feature was one of the most useful feature of lumia phones..pls bring this feature back for all new android phones..

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Agree this is good future, but at the moment you can download Nova launcher and you will have double tap to wake and double tap to lock screen

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It's not quite the same but, if you don't want to install a new launcher, Gravity Screen is an app that lets you wake the screen by waving your hand over the proximity sensor. Very useful, and no noticeable effect on battery life:

I think that feature you said is now present in nokia 8 8 6..and nokia 5 and also nokia 6.1 and nokia 7 plus from 2018. I can confirm that in my nokia 8 from 2017

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I agree. please HMD add double tap to wake on existing Nokia device like Nokia 2, Nokia 3.

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Yes double-tap to wake is present on some HMD phones.

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