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What made a Nokia 'the' Nokia?

Hi all,

I have been a regular Nokia customer, and an ardent Nokia supporter for more than 15 years now. 
Used to be a regular and repected member of the Nokia forums back in the day before the Microsoft takeover and eventual HMD Global resurrection.

So my question to all of you is, what in your opnion made Nokia the most respected and trusted brand in the world pre-Microsoft/windows phone era?

In my opinion it was the customer service. It was the best. I had entire phones replaced within a matter of minutes.

Once I had made a forum post about my Nokia 808 PureView having Purple Tint on its screen at like 1 am, got a call around 9 am from a Nokia representative that a replacement unit was waiting for me in the nearest Nokia Care Center.

And it was, they took my phone and handed me the new phone seal packed withing 2 minutes of my arrival there.

That was the level of customer service that Nokia provided.

Which brings me to my recent experience with the Nokia Sercive Centers.


I submitted a phone (Nokia ^, which I had gifted to my mom) to a Nokia Care Center (Net Dot Solutions, New Delhi) on 27 th December, headphone jack had to be replaced, they returned my phone on 6th Jan, so they took 10 days just to change a headphone jack, then when the jack was replaced, I found that they damaged the screen while putting the phone back together and the touch stopped working on left side of the phone. At first they did not accept that the screen is damaged, took me a week and multiple visits to the service center for them to accept that the screen is damaged and that they had damaged it. They said screen replacement will be done in 2 hours based on part availability, it has been almost a week and they still don't have an answer as to when they will receive the part and replace the screen and return the phone to me.


You expect to regain your customers and their trust like that?



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Community Hero

For me build quality, software stability, cutting edge imaging and audio were also what made Nokia great. With these things I think HMD are moving in the right direction, but of course not as fast as we would like ;)

I've not had any experience with after-sales service from HMD so I can't comment on that.

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