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Warranty Outrage

Dear Nokia friends, I am a Nokia 8 user.I love the size and speed of it. Truly i like the brand and the phone. Amazing! On a side note, i have used the old Nokia 3310 8210 8810. Those are wonderful days! Recently, seeing the revival of the brand, coming from 5 over years with Samsung. Its truly remarkable to once coming back to Nokia! I bought my phone in Nov, truly spectacular... fell in love once again. The exterior finish and hardware is a great touch of genius. Somewhat 3 to 4 weeks, I started seeing blemishes on the blue polished caseback. Initially i thought it was just watermarks as it was microscopic... since day 1 i had been using a tpu rubber cover and brush it off as being overly excited. Somewhat into another 2 weeks. As i removed the cover to check, those blemishes has evolved into decolorization spots. And i can vaguely see quite a few. At this instance, i do realised something has to be done. So on Jan i tried to converse with the seller (M1, Singapore telco). Which in turn i was directed to Axis Plus aka Nokia Care for Singapore. So as a formal work protocol, Axis Plus took a video and reassured me that they will forward the email to Nokia. During this wait, i have furthur conversed with Nokia Chat which was reassuring yet has no further results on as they are a remote customer service which i can understand. So since then, its been over a week or 5 working days. There was no followup by email or phonecall. Therefore, I rang them. Felt like i gotten a slap as i was once again reminded cosmetic replacement might void the warranty and there is no reply from Nokia. At this juncture, i literally had no choice but to log in Nokia chat and ask for assistance which once again wasn't helpful. This was truly a devastating experience in my regards, as i was being "pushed" from one end to another end. Service recovery and assistance wasn't felt all throughout. It's true they did their best, yet it wasnt the best of times since it was either a deadend or stalemate. To be honest, all i wanted was an assurance and leadtime to address the defects of the caseback, which i would have so patiently waited. All i got was being shoo away from point to point. My issue still outstanding and my grievances ignored. They say to make a comeback, you have to be not just efficient, you have to be on top of the game. Yes i can understand limitations yet i can never see why this is the best of ways to address warranty. Peter Lim

update: Nokia says this defect is due to my own negligence. Cover is not under warranty. Sorry nokia. U lost me as customer. This is a factory fault out of so many and you never address.
Update: I have to pay for the cover even tho it is a factory defect. i am needless to say very upset on how my experience was. Nokia addresses wifi, bluetooth etc So case back isn't part of a product?
Latest update: Display lcd has display issue. Nokia has done a full service recovery. Replacement of LCD and back cover FOC. The outrage has been resolved dated 050218 and collected next day. Thanks Nokia!

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