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Bluetooth of my new NOKIA 6 is not working properly. HELP

I was happy to get my new nokia 6 phone but this happiness is quickly vanishing.....I already faced few unexpected phone re-boot but what is worst is that the bluetooth basic functionality seemed not working properly. I succeed tyesterday o pair the phone with my Car bluetooth and tried a first call (with acceptable quality) but today  I noted that the bluetooth did not automatically  re-connect to my car. I tried to do it manually without success. I tried to remove the connection and re-pair and after several attempt, I succeed , once succeeded, the quality call was so bed that it was not even possible to hear the other person speaking ....

....I never faced this kind of issue with my old samsung S4 is it possible that for this new NOKIA 6 phone, all those bluetooth issue are coming up ?? the HMD software so unstable and bugs rich ? .....I cannot belive it...

Any advice ?



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