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HMD GLOBAL and Google, Have some one told you that I or we have many problems with Google apps? They appear on my home screen saying : Stop the app, while the app is disabled by me because I don't want those apps. So hmd and google, Are forced me /us to use those apps? The google play movies works only in USA by Chrome Cast TV, Has not in Europe or better to say Has not in Greece. Second, This app is only for buying movies, This app does not plays my local videos, so it is unless for me, that a reason I have disabled it. But this app continues to update itself by itself without my permission. Also Google maps and other apps that have downloaded from Play Store do the same. Fix the issue, You will lose a lot fans of nokia if you continued to be indiferente with our problems.
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Are you sure you're actually disabling the app and not simply removing the shortcut? Once an app is removed or disabled it wouldn't update from Google Play.

A way to check,

- Open Android Settings

- Go to Apps

- With the filter set to "All apps" scroll to the app you want to check (i.e., Google Maps)

- See if there is "Disabled" text to the right of the app, if not tap the app's icon

- In the App info screen, select "Disable", if you're promoted to uninstall updates press Yes

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