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Bluetooth audio call permanently on


I have a problem using my Bose QC35 Bluetooth headphones with my Nokia 8, running Android 8.0.0. When I connect my headphones, there is a constant noise in the background, and I am unable to listen to music. I then noticed that if I go to Bluetooth settings and uncheck the "call audio" from the headphones, the noise goes away and my headphones play the "call ended" sound clip. It is like there is a permanently active call if that mode is enabled, which disables the possibility to listen to the audio or make new calls or answer calls. If I want to use the headphones for making phone calls, I have to disable the "media audio" checkbox from the Bluetooth setting to keep it from not getting confused. 

This is quite annoying, is there a fix for this? I had no problems with the headphones before, when I was using them with my Samsung S6.

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Same here and a massive battery drain: Nokia 8> bluetooth usage: 18% Pixel 2 XL> bluetooth usage: 2% For the same amount of time!
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