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A request to introduce a true successor of the Nokia Lumia 1020

In the vast ocean of tall and narrow similar glass and metal phones with dual camera setups at their back. Can HMD Global introduce a camera-centric device which can be a true successor to the Nokia 808 PureView and the Nokia Lumia 1020?

We don't want Nokia to just follow the trends like other manufacturers. Nokia always dared to do something new and that is how we got so many quirky designs and form factors, Nokia introduced the world to phones that can replace their point and shoot cameras. Nokia Lumia 920 was the device that introduced people to wireless charging and made many smartphone manufacturers add wireless charging to their flagship devices.

It can be a niche device just targetting the mobile photography enthusiasts but can also become a massive hit if people like it. Many are waiting to see a camera-centric smartphone from Nokia. 1st Gen Nokia devices proved the Nokia Build quality. Now the focus should be on the Camera department. :)

What do you guys think? Do share your thoughts. :)

MWC is just 1 month away and very excited to see 2nd gen Nokia devices. :)

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With the circulating rumours (that we should all take with an ocean-load of salt), you may be in luck.

I think we'll get a first hint at where the HMD/Nokia/Zeiss imaging departments are headed as soon as we see the Nokia 9. If there's any truth to the Nokia 10 rumours, it'll probably be along the same line, but with a significant focus on the camera.

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Nice use of the word "circulating", I'm keen to see how that rumour turns out in reality.

HMD will have to make something special to be considered better imaging quality than the Pixel 2, but it's definitely something I hope they can achieve.

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HMD do need to make a phone that leaves the competition in the dust....until now many promising rumors for nokia 8 10 are on the web....many many of us are waiting for them to be true.

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That would be great, and it seems to be true as per the rumours (I honestly want that notch rumour to be fake) but it seems like it could happen. But even that would not regain that complete monopoly in magapixel innovation as it enjoyed before. The recently launched Huawei P20 Pro has THREE freaking Leica rear cameras (a first in smartphones), one of which is a 40 Megapixel one. Really wanted Nokia to be there before Huawei but to compete with it's new competitor, it needs a bit more than that don't you think. Still I'd love to see such a true successor.

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A good idea for HMD would be to hire those former Nokia experts in imaging, the guys who developed PureView techo and also get help from Zeiss and the Nokia technologies division so they can be able to introduce a phone with superb camera capabilities quickly. Something like the 808 and Lumia 1020 but reloaded with best in class today's hardware. Some rumors say about a Penta lens system being developed by Zeiss for mobile devices...maybe the rounded bump of Nokia 1020 is coming?
Forgot to mention about Notch...I agree with the idea about not getting it at all in any Nokia is ugly...and goes against Nokia design heritage...made in Finland design language which of course is among the best in the whole world of designers. Proof of that is the example the Nokia N950 prototype gave us back in 2011...sure the web to see what I mean... lovely design no doubt about it... imagine it without qwerty keyboard and top of the line camera hardware and specs..!
Mobile CR, N950 ? That would have been a 'shut up and take my money'. I'd buy it just for that design. Honestly I'd also want that PKB, I think the keyboard will make it even more unique and stand out, also appeal as a enterprise phone. The spontaneous publicity it would get for that design would also be amazing. Honesty it would be like shooting Blackberry (I also love BB) in the head. Boom !

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Shivansumaji.... that is the expression I had back then...and also hoped in vain for Nokia N950 to become a reality (Microsoft decided to get rid of it since N950 came with meego..) well this time around perhaps HMD can reborn that marvelous device from the archives ;) The thing with physical qwerty keyboard nowadays is that it no longer appeals to many customers...and HMD has said repeated times they are market perhaps if they decide to use qwerty keyboard it would be aimed at a special E series like phone for makes sense since now Android one is recommended as the securest OS for business users in the world of Android. That is why I said that at least Nokia N950 without physical QWERTY keyboard would be more appealing to younger notch...almost bezel less device...that shows us how Nokia designers were years ahead of competition....HMD should take a look at the archives...they need to stay true to made in Finland design
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