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Unable to receive security patch after October update

1) after software update from care i m stuck with October patch 2)my device is uncertified 3) no security patch is available after October 4) unable to register beta lab 5) everytime i check system update that always show me your device is up-to-date. 6) because of uncertified i am unable to get any kind of update Please friends help me out


Hi user1516077343009, 

Please contact our Support (Support App or nokia.com/phones/support), they are able to help you.


Thanks for responding so quickly mike. I ll provide screen shot what support chat told me??? Every time i told them about my problem they directly refer me to go to Service centre. I went to service centre 4times in this single month. Every time they do the same and my device is stuck with October patch. Every time i mean every single time i did a chat they always refer me go to ur nearest service centre. A humble request from my side. Please suggest a proper solution of this problem.


Hi again,

Regarding 4) unable to register beta lab, can you share bit more details why you are not able to register? 


Hello again mike. I m very glad u reply to me. After a software update from service centre, in playstore it shows me my device is uncertified. I googled it. Problem caused by this are(many app won't work property, unable to get any kind of system update and much more problems) Because of this i am stuck with October security patch. (I am not a single person , many indian like me are facing same problem) (There is a single solution if your device is not certified then contact your manufacturers). I went to service centre 4times this month. Every time they give my device to me with the same problem. Because we don't have security patch upto December, we are unable to register in beta program also. Please give us a solution.



Thank you for the information. I will pass this to a relevant team to help solve the issue.

Have a nice weekend!


i also have this same issue in my nokia 6  and it occurs , when i formatted my all data from the service centre 

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