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camera sound and screenshot sound issue

unable to mute the camera sound,tried everything (turning on off shutter sound from camera app),muted the device and also used the do not disturb option but it still exist.

every time i take screenshot or click pictures the sound strikes even if i am using headphones the speaker makes shutter sound.

Please fix this issue nokia in next update

I don't understand. It's a link to a thread with the title 'Why can't I turn off the camera shutter sound?' The official response is as follows:

The legislation in some countries requires the camera sound not to be turned off. This is to prevent any privacy violations (such as pictures being taken of people without their consent). If your software is up-to-date and you still can't turn off the camera sound, this is likely due to the privacy regulations in your country. 

A bit of Googling suggests Japan and South Korea are two such countries. Google (not HMD) also seem to have put a block on turning off the shutter sound in India. It's unclear why. Here's a link to Asus's support forums, addressing the same issue: If your phone software is up to date, I would suggest either submitting this information through the feedback app or emailing it to customer support.

Tech Wizard

I meant, the FAQ link just mentions that sounds are disabled due to contry regulations. It is not the actual answer to this issue. I believe this can be fixed by an update to the Camera App, If any at all..

All other phone manufacturers in the country dont have such a policy / by using 3rd party app, this sound can be disabled. Whatever the policy they might be forced to follow. It is a major issue if u listen to music on headphones and click picture. Immediately the audio starts blasting from the loudspeaker and headphones !
You definitely can't notice the music blasting through loudspeakers when you are using the headphones.

Tech Wizard

That issue is NOT addressed in the link. It is a link to the FAQ ! It is a frequently asked question and there has been NO official response or acknowledgement of the issue. It is frustrating that no action has been taken after all this time.

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