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Poor quality audio from speaker at low volume.

Recently purchased Nokia 5 and have found the speaker output at low volume is hissing and crackly especially on speech (YouTube etc.). Do others have the same issue? Thinking of returning, just wondering if a replacement is likely to have similar issues. Thanks.

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Yes, it's terrible. I started a thread about it here: Unfortunately HMD seem to have no intention of offering a firmware fix – it's persisted from Android Nougat and across all the betas of Oreo so far. I doubt it's a hardware issue, so replacing it with another Nokia 5 is unlikely to make any difference. Hopefully your thread will get more attention than mine and the development team will at least pay the matter some notice. Otherwise, if you decide to keep the phone, just keep bugging them about it through the feedback app (like I have).

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Yep, same problem here. It's frustrating and seems to be something that would be so easy for the developers to fix.
Same here. Very annoying. I can compare the audio quality with similarly specd Moto G5, and noise from the Nokia 5 speaker is really unacceptable in 2018. I'm thinking about returning phone to the store.
same here nokia 5 very poor speaker quality this is the second 5 i've had with the same problem

Due to Nokia's continued inaction on the issue and the numerous performance related problems with the Oreo update I have traded the handset on at significant financial loss. I contacted Nokia several times about the poor performance (especially on wifi), but had no response to my emails. The retailer was similarly unhelpful too. I will avoid purchasing a Nokia branded phone in the future. Very disappointed.

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