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You can close this forum's.....

Hey HMD You can close this forum's. Here is NO helpful info and or real help from your side! Only user's helping each other! Why you let all this die? This isn't the real Nokia anymore. For me I will sell all Nokia phones and look for an other brand. A brand who really hear to the user, a brand who give answers to the questions, a brand what had moderator and support with knowledge!

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As clearly stated by HMD, this is a peer-to-peer forum and not a support channel: Apparently, nobody reads FAQs anymore.

Tech Wizard

I do agree this forum is not completely helpful. But helped solve some minor issues for me.

There is no Need of a forum moderator in this case as they are not taking note of the issues faced by users !
The support app has a standard response to the issues, but they are hardly bothered about major issues like 
SMS receiving issues , Camera Shutter sound and music playback on loudspeaker, applications closing in background !

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