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Device go to deep sleep mode on plug in charger

Hi guys my nokia 3 is turn off when I plug in it to the charger and do not turn on again. button power did not works also power+volume up not woks. May bew the battery is dead or just is in deep sleep it restart automatically after 8-10 minutes. Please Help.

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Yes same problem with mine

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Sir, Then what you done? In india Nokia customer support centers are not accepting that NOKIA 3 has such issue. Please answer.

Yes I had this common enough problem with my Nokia 3.  However, since upgrading to Android Oreo beta the problem has not occurred again.  Prior to upgrading from 7.1.1, I was getting the Nokia 3 powering itself off at least twice a day and always when I plugged in the USB charger cable regardless of the actual battery charge.

I used the OTA upgrade from 7.1.1 to Oreo 8.0 beta 15 days ago and have been unable to reproduce the problem since then.

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