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Locking phone into Glance screen - status bar icons flashing?

Hi all,

First post here to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue ive just noticed.

Basically when i lock the phone manually using the power button, the screen goes black instantly, then half a second later i see the wifi and data symbol in the status bar flash once an then glance kicks in. All very fast and no real problem but i dont believe its done it since i first got the phone so presume it is recent. 

I had downloaded a few glimpse/glance notifications and thought that may have messed it up however ive performed completely clean factory resets and left those apps off and it still happens. When first booting up after a reset it didnt appear to do this but then once everything is set up again, it reappears

Just curious to put my mind at rest!


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I think it's normal. I have it on my N8 too.
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