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Oreo 8.1 beta started!

I got an email from Nokia, inviting me to participate Nokia 8's beta program. Will it have BLN (navkey backlight as notification LED) and FM Radio?

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"Battery saving navigation buttons" -- What does it mean?
Seems no BLN (navkey backlight as notification LED). What a pity!

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Downloaded and installed.

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Where is juho sarvikas promises about camera update... many times he said we are working on Twitter but 8.1 didn't talking about camera.... This is stupidity camera is bad especially focus head ache then why their didn't working on that... Shame of you Nokia one plus and redmi where rocking but you still didn't working on camera update

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Can I join try 8.1 and how to ask for join it ? english is not good . Hope u can understand me .

 Also installed 8.1 on my TA-1004

NFC issues are gone, great :)

Android embedded Screen Streaming/ Mirroring to Samsung TV Allshare is also not working, no Devices were found. This works with Huawei P10 Lite (Nougat), Wiko Highway (KitKat), Alcatel (Lollipop).

It is also not working with Nokia 6 with 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 or with the beta 8.0. --- Please fix

Looks like in 8.1 they've finally fixed an issue where blocking an app from working in background (via panel in battery settings) would reset after updating that app.

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I'm running the beta, so far so good, very smooth, liking that transparant notification drawer, and of course the cheesburger emoji... :). I haven't encountered any major issues so far after running it for a day.

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Can anyone answer if in the beta 8.1 the option to disable WiFi when phone is asleep? I really hope the people at Nokia will keep this option. It has been removed for the Nexus and Pixels from 8.1. It is really good to safe battery drain and helps against wifi tracking. Also see
I got the same email 12 hours and no update Note Im on January security update TA-1004
Capacitive button backlights as Notification Indicator! Capacitive button backlights as Notification Indicator! Capacitive button backlights as Notification Indicator! An important matter must be repeated 3 times!

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im not receiving the ota update is anybody else having this problem or has anyone got a solution thanks in advance
@Nick Munday, kindly check for the update manually
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