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When is android 8.1 beta coming for nokia 5 ??

Hi, When is android oreo 8.1 beta comming for nokia 5?? Because I just heard that it is available for the nokia 8. HMD does so much for fast update’s and that’s really good (Hmd is the only company that's really put effort in it) but now i'm really pissed of!! Why is the Nokia 8 getting all the beta updates first?! The Nokia 5,6 came first out long before the Nokia 8. The Nokia 3 doesn't even have the android Oreo beta yet!!! So it's not far. That's just how the most company's do their business: "let the flagships first". So I not gonna wait for 2 months again.

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As I'm seeing it's been more than 2 months still no 8.1 update for Nokia 5 , Nokia why you do this

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I do not think that was the first concern for Nokia. Maybe we don't have the beta for 8.1 yet because of the MWC 2018. Nokia has done excellent work on the MWC. The devices were great. Maybe Nokia is going to plan for the beta now the MWC has ended. But, I hope that we get the beta after a week or so.

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