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Bluetooth - display issue

Hello. I have a Nokia 6 and I have a problem. If the phone is connected  with the Bluetooth headset, the screen does not light up when the phone rings, if the headset is disconnected, it lights up easily. I searched the settings and found nothing to solve the problem. Thank you

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Hi there, are you running Oreo Beta? I face the same issue with Nougat 7.1.1, I posted this behaviour a motnh ago, which is quite annoying because I need to manually wake up my display to see who's calling when BT headset is paired to my Nokia 6. I thought the problem was going to be solved with 7.1.2 update but someone replied that with Android 7.1.2. the behaviour is the same.

I own a Jabra Talk Bluetooth Headset and a Panasonic Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones, and I face the same problem with both models.‎ Now my question is: was this issue sorted out on Oreo Beta? anyone currently testing Beta is facing this problem? Nokia tech support is aware about this issue? 


My previous post:

I'm using Android 7.1.2 Anyway it's very annoying not to see who's calling.

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Update: A couple days ago the Phone app updated to version 16.0.183307769 and since then, the display lights up during incoming calls when BT headset is paired. Seems that Google fixed that annoying bug with this update.

 me also facing the same problem, no display on receiving phone call while bt device is connected.

I have not received this update yet

I solved the problem. I uninstalled the update of the "phone" aplication. Goes perfect shows me who is calling with and without bluetooth !

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Glad to hear that and thanks for sharing your troubleshooting, hope anyone else facing this issue checks its "Phone" App to fix it. I'm currently enjoying such a basic feature too, that black screen during incoming bluetooth calls was drving me nuts lol

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