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Nokia 8 started beeping suddenly

I bought a brand new Nokia 8 less than two weeks ago. Tonight out of sudden it started beeping really loud and I had to turn it off to stop it. It was on the desk updating some applications via Play Store and I wasn't even touching it.

Now I turn it on again but I don't know if it can start beeping again any given time.

Has anyone run into this issue before? Should I search for a specialized assistance?

Thank you.

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I have an issue like you, my phone has beep sound regularly in 2 week to now, i have just factory reset but it still like that
My does that every morning , it's so annoying

Yes, mine has started to do it after Oreo was installed - plays the notification sound randomly (no app is listed in the notification drawer). First phone I've ever had that just upgraded the OS without asking me first. Really starting to hate this phone.

Hi All, I have a similar issue, new Nokia 8, Oreo, clean, very few apps installed, beeps suddenly and irregurarlly for a while and then stops, no patters, all apps closed, very few notifications allowed like sms, call, Skype, messenger, Viber, it is starting to annoy me

I think I found the cause for this, at least in my case. I use a flip case and inside I had a subway ticket (with NFC chip) inside. When I remove it from the case the problem stops. It is strange as this does not happen with NFC credit cards (only with the ticket) and it happens only if I double tap the screen and then fingerprint unlock and not if I wake the screen from the power button and then fingerprint unlock. Anyway remove all similar stuff from around the devise and see, hope this helps. 

Hello Try installing one of notification history apps from play store. I solved my problem by checking notification log and turning off notifications for untimely beeping services. Yes, it is usually caused by system services rather than apps.
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