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Trouble with Bluetooth

I am having trouble using Bluetooth.  I have been using Nokia phones for many years and know how they work.  I have the Nokia 8 and it works fine for the most part.  I am moving on from my Lumia 950.  I will just say that the 950 camera is hard to beat or even come close to.

Back to Bluetooth----All my other phones pair and connect to my Bluetooth devices except my Nokia 8.  I use a lot of Bluetooth devices and am forced to use a different phone to be able to use my  Bluetooth devices.

Is there some kind of different Bluetooth on the Nokia 8 since it is new or am I doing something wrong????

When in discovery mode, it would be discovered by my headsets, car Bluetooth, external speakers and so one.

Any ideas please?????



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No issues with basic Bluetooth with Nokia 8. I am able to connect to different devices and no problems.

Try a factory reset. If still doesn't work, probably your phone has a bad bluetooth radio..

I also have problems with Bluetooth since the 8.1 update. Sound doesn't come through in my car radio, I repaired it, but that didn't make a difference. 

Try to reset Network Settings. Some common problem fixes for Android 8.1 are on the following website:

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Oreo 8.1 seems to have resolved all of the issues u had with Bluetooth, awesome job Nokia, no more drop outs. As to your problem, make sure your Bluetooth device is in pairing mode otherwise your Nokia 8 won't be able to see it to pair with it.
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