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Bluetooth not seeing devices

My Nokia 8 will not "see" other Bluetooth devices.  Has anyone had this problem????   If it can't see it, it can pare it.



First of all make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your android device. The device you want to connect to will need to be in pairing more to be visible to your android phone. How to get your device into this mode will vary depending on the device so you will have to consult the manual to find out how. Once your device is in pairing mode it's pretty straightforward, go into bluetooth settings on your android device and after several seconds your Bluetooth device should show up in the list of devices. Just tap on it in the list and it should set itself up. It may ask for a pin to pair it, most times though it won't.
Yes, even I am facing same issue in my Nokia 7 plus device. Rebooted device multiple times, but it fails to list nearby Bluetooth devices.
Same problems with Nokia 7 plus
I have the same problem. Bluetooth does not see any devices, even though there 20 showing up on my other phone. (Can still pair via NFC). Tried everything suggested on Google. Nokia support said wait for an update.
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