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Random restarts every 10 minutes

Installed 8.1 and when Bluetooth is on, connected or not connected, Nokia 8 restarts every 10 minutes... Going back to 8.0 because it's not good when driving in car and loose connection when calling...

I'm also on the beta and haven't encountered this issue at all. Maybe try a factory reset first and see of that resolves it?

Your phone will get wiped anyway when you go back to 8.0 so no harm in trying the reset first before downgrading. Good luck.

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Factory reset before you request an ota to downgrade, my phone is running better than ever with 8.1, all the annoying little glitches and bug seem to have gone. No audio drop outs while streaming audio over Bluetooth, NFC working as it should, no longer have to wake the phone in a specific way for it to work. It also feels faster and snappier, fingerprint sensor seems to respond quicker, camera is focusing faster as well. This is one awesome firmware in my opinion, if we don't find any real show stoppers I think they should be able to push this to everyone.

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Also no problem here. I have Android Wear watch always connected via BT, MiBand and often some BT headphones and no restarts so far.
Op here.... Did a factory reset, and all is working fine now...thanks for the answers..珞

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