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Recent network connection issues

Hi. In the last few days for some reason I keep getting this network error please try again notification on the bottom of the screen. It happens randomly and I get some app crashes when I tap notification to open app. I also get this error when the app opens from notification. Hard reset is the last option.

I think it started after the Jan patch that got installed recently. Please help. Cheers
Request an ota for the oreo 8.1 beta, all the glitches my phone had have gone since I installed this. If you are still having issues and you think it is software related it's easy to report them via the feedback app, which should result in them getting fixed before a stable is pushed to everyone.
I'm also seeing this issue since the January update and on the 8.1 beta. The WiFi shows as connected, however after a short time the connection hangs, the browser can't load web pages, and app can't connect to the internet. I spoke with support, they recommend sending the device to a service centre. I suspect the issue is related to the WiFi driver, maybe the fix for KRACK broke something. Hopefully it will be fixed with another update.

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The WiFi has been dodgy with the Nokia 8 since the very first firmware was released running Nougat. With my phone it gradually grinds to a halt after around 7 - 10 days. I don't know if 8.1 has fixed my WiFi issues or not yet since it's not been running long enough for the driver to crash yet. On the plus side Bluetooth is fixed and so is NFC.
I'm glad the update fixed you Bluetooth and NFC issues. Fingers crossed a fix for the WiFi will be provided soon. Nokia's track record with updates and fixes is good so far. The Pixel 2 phones seem to have had a greater number of issues to date.
Hopefully will know towards the end of next week if the WiFi issue I had has been fixed or not. For me it's been the most annoying bug out of all of them as if I don't notice WiFi has crashed it starts gobbling up my mobile data. Nothing but a restart will fix it, pretty sure something in the driver crashes.
Out of interest do you have "Mobile Data Always Active" selected under developer options? It sounds like we are both experiencing the same WiFi issue, with different consequences. My phone loses network access (although WiFi stays connected), and your phone switches to mobile data.

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I haven't had issues like the firmware or anything with nougat. Upgraded to beta thru labs and the stable oreo. 

This problem started only after installing some app, not sure which one. In any case I took the advice above and it seems to reduce the frequency of the nuisance. I had to endup doing a hard reset and not restore everything from backup. 

Rob if you have recently installed the jan security patch then maybe it could be to do with that. It might need a hard reset. No point in taking the beta unless you want to risk loosing the lot in case you have to revert back. I would advice a sound backup using sms back up and restore which does contacts and call logs and if you want the lot use Gcloud which is pretty good. I am not sure about the app data as I had downloaded each app individually for the all the apps that I know I had and then I am excising caution,

It should pretty much fix whatever was wrong with it. Just be mindful not to install from google backup when you login using your google account.(Just in case)

As for your query yes wifi, mobile data and bluetooth always on although this issue occurs regardless on which data is getting used.  

AFAIK if the wifi is connected, even without internet access the mobile data shouldn't be used and while I am using chrome or some apps like ebay, play store, or even the google app on the left of the home screen I get the" network error please try again" balloon on the bottom of the screen. ----> internet is being used on wifi and still network error, Idle phone on home screen and network error!!! So I ended up with a hard reset on oreo 8.1 beta setup as new device.

I just hope there are not any major issues with the beta if not another hard reset is on my cards *dreading it*

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Thanks for the advice regarding backups before a factory reset. I reset my phone, set it up as a new device, and did not install any apps. Unfortunately this didn't resolve the issue for me. I hope that this is a firmware issue that will be resolved. If not I shall send my phone for repair.
And I thought I was the only one with this odd issue. Yes it got really bad after I installed the Jan update. Kept getting disconnected while playing games. And apps freezing when the connection drops.

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Thanks for posting, knowing this isn't an isolated issue is useful. I've now updated to the 8.1 beta and issue is still present. I'm using the feedback feature discussed above to provide more details and data to Nokia. I suspect it's a driver issue, given the symptoms a few have described. Hopefully this will be more straightforward to correct than a hardware issue.

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Update: When connection to open WiFi networks without encryption, I don't seem to encounter this issue. Can anyone else confirm this?
Seems the issue was related to my routers wireless security settings. I've changed routers and the issue is resolved.
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