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Oreo 8.1 - "Bluetooth Battery Percentage"

Hi guys,

is this (long awaited and finally available) feature working for anybody? For me it isn't. No matter what device I connect and no matter how low the battery actually is - Oreo always says it's on 100% ;-(((

I hope this gets fixed in the release version of 8.1 because this is the feature I was looking for the most.

I have a JBL Clip+ speaker, and it doesn't show any battery percentage.. but i don't know if the bluetooth device itself has to support this feature, if it SHOULD work with any bluetooth device then it's bugged.

It works for me:
Think it's working for me, the 2 devices I have which support this feature are both currently showing 90% battery. Another Bluetooth device I have doesn't support this so it doesn't show battery level at all.
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