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Nokia 8 very faint hissing noise

Hey all  2 weeks ago i bought a nokia 8 and a few days ago it came to my attention that the bottom speaker produces a faint hissing noise when a sound is played and continues for a few seconds after the sound ends.I do not seem to face the same issue while using the included headphones but since the hissing is faint i just might not be able to hear it while using headphones.In order to hear the hissing sound the speaker has to be very close to my ear and in a silent enviroment .If i have an app open like a game for example and i set it on 0% volume the hissing noise can be heard constantly while the game is running . The hissing noise is always the same and it doesnt vary in loudness but happens everytime a sound is played.

Is this a known issue others are having as well and does anyone know if it is even aknowledged by the devs as an issue?

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Yes, I have this exact same issue with my Nokia 8. The noise can best be described as a hissing that can be heard when in a quiet environment and the volume is set to below about 20% of max.

What I am also experiencing is that when playing quiet music, such as soft piano music, the quiet sound will be distorted and cut off like the output is too low for the phone to handle. This is also a big problem when watching a video where someone's talking, as the voice gets distorted and raspy. This is the same through both the speaker and 3.5 mm jack. 

A previous thread also exists on this issue ( where the same issue seems to be discussed. Also in the thread, the issue seems to be fixed in replacement phones, leading me to believe it is a hardware issue. 

You are saying that you can't hear it through your headphones, but try to put on some quiet music and lower the volume almost to the bottom (one or two clicks from mute) and see if you can hear a hissing/distorted noise in the headphones that seems to change with the music. That is what happens with my phone and makes it impossible to listen to music when anywhere quiet.

Yes you are correct the issue persists with the headphone jack. The sound does indeed distort and is hissing if i set the volume below 20% while using the headphone jack.An acknowledgement by nokia wether this is a software or hardware issue would be nice as in the thread you linked some people reported that they have the same issue even with replacement phones.

Nokia-6 TA-1021 is the same problem, the speakers after upgrading to Android 8.0.0 hiss, the sound became terrible, what should I do? make it possible to rollback up to 7 Android

I think this is related to this problem:

I am having the same problem. Did you try the Nokia Mobile Support (Nokia mobile care) app? There is a support chat function in there. They told me to return the phone under the warranty terms.

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