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Nokia 6 is delayed in service centre



Iam really frustrated about nokia parts availability my nokia 6 having a yellow tint on display(on top left) like a LCD screen burnin it was really too bad experience within 4 months i am really disappointed even on IPS LCD screen burnin its not amoled. I can understand its a electronic product it may get damage if you are a unlucky as i have buy in flash sale on 9 September 2017 but giving bad after sales support is really bad. more than 2 weeks my phone is in service centre but its not service centre fault its a nokia's manufacturer hmdglobal fault as they are saying parts are not available due to shortage in parts.

Are they making me fool still company is developing new Nokia 6 2017 and sales are currently going on(even offline stores availbility as per ajey mehta country head tweet) then they say parts are not available not a good reason.


Also i asked them what are the maximum days u take to process a request they said 2 weeks so now its more than 2 weeks still even today i have called service centre still they are saying part is still not delivered even there is no dispatch status.

Product is made in india they are saying and banglore is manufacturing unit and parts are not available here in mumbai. Feeling shame now as I was really backing nokia as my collegues are saying not to buy new nokia phone then to i have buyed due to beloved nokia brand but now really dissapointed as iam a die hard fan of nokia. The main disappointment is that they are not calling me from there side even when they have told me that they will call me this considers they are not serious about customer service. I have sent over 22 emails to and they said same sentence many times

"In response to your concern regarding Nokia 6, we would like to inform you that your concern has been already forwarded to our relevant department. They shall get back to you soon request you to kindly wait and we really apologise for the inconvenience caused."


But till date no one from their relevant department have contacted me. Now they are telling my issue is in high proprity since 2 days no one have called me is this high priority.?

Before I was going to buy nokia 2 for my mom on her birthday this month but now really afraid to buy a new nokia phone by considering this kind of after sales support from a well known brand. Really previous nokia we don't have to visit service centre as they are built for perfect. I have used many source to contact them Phone(also done 2 times conference call with service centre and nokia phone support via toll free), Chat, Email but still my issue is pending.

Iam really afraid when can my part is delivered to service centre and when the repair process will start and i get my mobile.

I need my mobile in this week else i need to make some necessary action against it.

Apart from display phone was really good i have used so far but afraid of parts availability for repair beware!

Hope i will get my phone in this week i will update any good thing or bad thing happens with me on this topic once i receive my phone. So you people will know how nokia is caring people like me and hope this problems will not be there in future.

Good luck. From my experience with buying a Nokia 6. Nokia is not what it once was.

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Good luck from my side also. This is not old Nokia. Just keep ur finger cross. Make a pray . Hope ur device will return in a single piece. And ur journey to care is begin now. It will be in loop mode.

Thanks guys for praying me. Even today i have called on service centre they are saying part is still not arrived i have visited on saturday they told me you will get your device on Monday or tuesday but calling today(Monday) still part is not arrived how they can give me on Today or tommorrow.
Maximum 15 days are already past still they are saying me our representative will contact you today after calling service centre. 
Nokia please do something as i have already waited to buy nokia 6 for 8 months still i have to wait for the repair process almost 3 weeks.

When did i get my phone?

Thanks nokia care team, i got my phone Nokia 6 repaired and replaced with new Display part under warranty got late but please nokia team do the process quickly in future by having the on time parts availability so like me the other users will not face this situation.

Yeah! Happy now was in beta oreo now i can test the official oreo 8.

BTW have any one tried the GCMod5 camera app with my nokia 6 can take good pics and awesome portrait mode(Bokeh effect) as well which makes background blur and highlight the focus image, Please implement this feature in default camera app.

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