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WiFi keeps disconnecting


i have been using nokia 8 for around 3 weeks now. The main issue i face is that te WiFi keeps disconnecting most of the time and it is not connecting automatically most of the time. i have to go to the wifi settings every time to get it connected again to even the known saved networks. its very annoying. any idea how to fix it??


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Yeah Nokia 8 has been plagued with an annoying WiFi bug, it's usually resolved with a restart. Give the Oreo beta 8.1 a go. A lot of the annoying glitches for me have been fixed, I'm currently on it, but it's too early for me to tell if the WiFi issues I had have been fixed as it can take 7 - 10 days before the WiFi driver crashes and requires a restart. For me all Bluetooth streaming issues are fixed along with NFC payments, they now perfectly. Nokia have done a good job with 8.1 it's the best firmware so far on this phone.
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