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Has the camera app in Oreo 8.1 beta better photo quality?

I come from the Nexus 6P and really like this as a replacement, but the only real big issue I have is image quality of the default camera app. To be frank, the current camera app in 8.0 is very bad. I don't really care about many features, but the quality is important. The default camera app takes blurry photos, and on top of that it's very easy get motion blur. Low light is also an issue.

I know the hardware can do better and that this is mostly a software issue. I have tried one of the many Google Camera ports that you can find after a bit of googling, and the image quality difference is staggering. No major blur or motion blur during normal use. The sharpness is also way way better (without getting oversharpened)!

Does anyone know if these issues has been solved in the 8.1 beta?

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It looked pretty much the same to me, it's version 8.0100.11 if that is any help. I thought focus seemed faster, it's still not amazing in low light especially with any moving subject. But I will defend it and say I have taken some awesome pictures with it, so I would say it is getting better. I've not tried any of the Google camera ports on my Nokia 8 though so can't comment as to how it improves pictures taken.
It's not small issue many where complained alot about camera HMD chief juho sarvikas also promised working on camera but even in 8.1 also camera looking shit why

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I've made exactly the same "upgrade" from the 6P. Phone is great EXCEPT the awful camera. Really wish they would improve 

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I am owning Nokia 8. Camera with Zeiss lens is better in my Nokia lumia 730 running Windows system. If both the phones are equipped with lens made by Zeiss optics then why is there quality difference? Are both lenses different in terms of models? Waiting for improved and validated camera app from Nokia for Nokia 8.

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I think quite a few factors come into the image quality, optics, how much light the camera can let into it, quality of the sensor and also how good the software is at processing what is captured. Nokia 8 has an F2.0 aperture, a lot of other flagships have an F1.7 or F1.6 aperture meaning they let more light in. This gives them an advantage in low light, but can be a disadvantage in very bright light. I believe the camera in the Nokia can perform better with some software tweaks.
Hello there. At the time of taking pictures your mobile should not be moved. But before this your mobile should have the appropriate space and and RAM should be in empty at the maximum. I am using Nokia Lumia 925 last from 5 years. It has steady shot camera and night vision capability. Still Nokia android having no such feature. Even low light problem is with android in Nokia. But the picture is clear. Blurry pic is because you shave to capture photo keeping phone in still position. Then you can take perfect image. I also did the same. As well as the RAM memory going to fill , camera and it's smoothness and other operation in operating system goes to downward.

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We all know that steady shot gives blur free the question is did Nokia improved their camera. Focus is the heart to the camera for pointing the subject no doubt Nokia 8 fails badly in that... And image quality should need to be improve especially low night conditions ...don't suggest me to use f1.6 for night shots... Finally f2.0 can capable to produce us good and details pictures ...but here Nokia failure with their camera firmware update..... Surprise thing is why till today didn't fix it.... Anyone know answer?????

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You can't use F1.6 on a Nokia 8, because it has an F2.0 aperture, meaning it lets less light in than some of their competitors. This will not help in low light conditions. Using HDR can help and sometimes turning the flash off can help as it makes it use HDR instead of the flash, unfortunately you can't use HDR with flash. I agree focus in low light conditions can be rather slow. I'm sure their is room for improvement here. If you want better results give the Google camera APK a go it uses their HDR+ algorithm which is awesome.
Dude I agree it's already built with f2.0 here the question is why Nokia didn't taking our problem seriously Agree with the review especially camera...

Much better 

Like the OP and others above who previously had a Nexus 6P, I came to the Nokia 8 from a Nexus 5X, which has (I believe) the same camera sensor as the 6P.

I too also found the Nokia 8 camera performance disappointingly unreliable and inferior to my old N5X which generally took pleasing images first time without fuss using the Nexus /Google supplied camera app..

I suspect some of this is due to the Nexus 5X/6P camera sensor being more capable than individual rear facing camera sensors of the Nokia 8. 

Specifically, though the megapixel count is quite similar, the individual photo sites in the 5X/6P sensors at 1.55µm are nearly 40% bigger than the Nokia 8 sensors 1.12 µm size. This will help the N5X/6P more in low light. That said I would have thought the dual sensor set-up in the Nokia 8 should have compensated more than it appears to do when you look at the hardware spec. Therefore I remain hopeful Nokia can improve further the  Nokia 8 camera results through continued camera app development. 

I hope they don't get sidetracked with the impending new model releases and forget about us in this respect. If they want to develop brand loyalty and engender repeat purchasers, to the HMD/Nokia brand they won't just leave us hanging.

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Using only the colour sensor in low light seems to help as it is the one with OIS, the B&W sensor doesn't have it and just seems to add blur when the phone picks a shutter speed below 1/30th of a second.

Guys non of you didn't feel irritate with Nokia promises about camera issues because from last 4 months onwards their keep telling soon we fix camera firmware issues but still today....?

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