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I bought a nokia 8 in amazon USA whose model was TA-1052 and all reviews seemed perfect. Now in Colombia, I find that the phone is not homologous, and to do so I need the FCC certificate. I searched the certificates on the smartphones of Nokia ( but the model 1052 did not appear.

I would like to know if someone has gone through this situation or if they know of any alternative certification of this cell phone.

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Go to Settings, About Phone, Certifications. You should be able to see and get the FCC ID in there.

It doesn't show. 


Very strange.. Perhaps try a factory reset.. remove your SIM so it cannot detect region that way.. set it up in usa region and check the certification shown.. then reset again and set up again as Colombia.. This *might* work, but I have never tried it.
TA-1052 is for Asian market that's why it doesn't need a U.S. certification like FCC. My TA-1004 shows a FCC ID in Settings, About Phone, Certifications


I have the same problem, I need the fcc certificate to homologate the phone.

Someone already get the fcc certificate for this phone?



I wrote to Nokia and they tell me they do not have information about it ... I also have the same problem L

I've recolected all documentation for get homologation, but answer of CRC is cellphone would not be homologated for haven't american certificate. Nokia 8 TA-1052 has tha same certification but granted by the NCC, a Taiwan company. At the moment, is not possible use this phone in Colombia. I'll try to appeal the decision and demonstrate this phone has the same specifications that model 1004. 

Friend, thank you, we´ll be pending.

Was anyone able to get a response for the homologacion in Colombia?
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