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Missing features in oreo beta and when stable oreo and 8.1 beta will come?

In general :loving 8.0 oreo beta so far,faster,agile great overall. However,dolby is gone,blutooth sound codecs except default do not work neither high res 24/96 bit/sample rates. Everyone is talking bout a revamped camera app,I can't see any change. New file manager needs a bit of touch ups.Its way too crude.But better than having nothing. Can not really see the plus sign to use pip mode with youtube app. Notification bar is painfully white. Volume from 3.5mm hp jack is reduced so as blutooth. Yellow photos (with flash) are gone mostly but still the camera app has a very little yellow/green tint. Display should have a vivid,natural and accurate mode or manual controls over colors/hue/saturation. When we will get the stable oreo 8.0 or even better 8.1 beta? When we can expect lumia camera interface? Auto brightness is usable with this 8.0 beta.But it needs betterment and refinement. Will this model ever get bothie feature? Automatic night lite scheduling and control of intensity is amazing.Overall its way more refined with 8.0 beta. Thanks and props to Hmd.
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