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Bad things in Nokia 8

I am a Nokia lover from many years and having old flagships like Nokia 808 and E71 etc. Since Nokia stopped making phone I switched to Samsung and using it from 2014. Today I bought Nokia 8 64/4Gb after selling my Galaxy s8 for this phone. Many cons I noticed are following ; Camera app is like 20 year old. No different volumes for notifications, youtube, media, ringer etc. When phone rings in pocket the screen turns on in pocket. No notification light. No AMOLED screen in a high end phone. End call with power button. Vibrate when answered or end the call. No other notifications in always on display. In box handsfree is very bad quality as compare to Samsung's AKG handsfree. No themes. Samsung is moving forward very fast, please guys make your own better android like other companies or I will switch back to Samsung again, Samsung is doing it amazingly. Please make your phone intresting, entertaining.
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