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mobile data stopped working

My mobile data stopped working right after the android 8.1 installation. When I turn the data on, I still do not seem to have any internet access. WiFi works fine.

I have not lost mobile data altogether, but after upgrading to 8.1 beta, the mobile data connection is less reliable than before. I can get get it working by enabling and disabling airplane mode.

I tried turning the airplane mode on/off, but that does not solve it for me - data is still off
So I found a fix, in case anyone else is having this issue: it had to do with SIM card setting. For some reason post update the Preferred SIM card for mobile data was blanked out and would not allow me to edit the field. What fixed it: took the SIM out, reset all the networks and apps to default settings, turned off mobile data and WiFi and then inserted the SIM back.

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