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Bugs in oreo 8.1

So far, i found some bugs in 8.1, some were to fast to capture them...

1. i played a video on youtube, and when i pressed on the left side of the screen, the call speaker played briefly a part of the sound.

2. there is so many bugs with the internet, i mean always when i minimize fb apps, messanger/regular my internet doesn't work on them, so as on snapchat app, it goes down, dissapears and i have to disable and enable mobile data again so it can work.

3. now when you disable the mobile data, it prompts you a question, which is damn annoying for me.

4. for God's sake please make the camera app better, i don't like to be ashamed of my original camera app and download 3rd party software.

5. enanle aptx HD for our bluetooth because this and camera app are strong points in our phone, and you ignore it.

6. when i restart the phone, and i put my fingerprint for the 1st time, it doesn't take me directly to the code to enter it so i can unlock my phone, i have to put my print 2 times so i can enter the code.

7. please enable flashlight for calls/messages and make the glance screen interact with social media apps.

8. i have to move the phone and shake it like crazy so the glance screen to appear.

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IMO they should ditch the glance screen since they clearly aren't working on it since Nougat and just enable the default Android ambient display.

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I agree with you..
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